Professional IT Consultant for medium business of all industries

Is your business environment running at the peak performance level? Geeks Mobile understand the strategic potential of information technology (IT) and integrate it into everything businesses do. The IT investment advances business goals and will work seamlessly with current processes and people. Geeks Mobile will help your business succeed in this ever changing environment. We take time to ensure IT meets the requirement for availability, security, reliability and performance. Well-designed, properly executed technology helps ensure the right resources are available when it counts, no matter what the industry dynamics.

Geeks Mobile continue to deploy, support small to medium businesses, robust, reliable and redundant hardware and software architectures, data backup, maintenance, upgrade, security of vulnerabilities and risk mitigation associated with access to the data center and its services.

Professional IT Support service starting $4900 per month with 1 year contract

If your business is 25 or more employees and workstations then this is the right package for you. Services include deployment and maintenance of 10 servers or less with virtualization and multiple server platforms and applications, local and cloud backup, user support, security patches. Additional cost for hardware, software, service subscriptions

Small to Medium Business of All Industries

  • Corporate Office
  • Business with Multiple Locations
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Facilities
  • Private School
  • Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Night Club, Bar
  • Magazine, Dance, Movie, Music Studios
  • Golf Course and Resort

Service Request Form

Send us your service request including phone number, little bit about your business, number of your employees and computers at your office.  we will response to your request within couple hours during business hours. Thanks