Affordable IT Services for small business of all industries

We’re offer affordable IT services for small business including law office, restaurant, dental, doctor office, home office, magazine company etc..

Geeks Mobile will secure your network, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, Print Server, data backup, end users support, email support, workstations support, update patches. Unlimited remote support before technician dispatch.

Base IT Support Price Starting $500 per month with 3 months Contract

Geeks Mobile continue to provide effective, accurate and easy to use IT service solutions that allow quicker adoption, cost effective, and  use of business intelligence. We expand training to empower user with new technology implementation and maintenance security requirements

Small Business of All Industries

  • Dental Office
  • Doctor Office
  • Recovery Center
  • Call Center Group
  • Law Office
  • Small Private School
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Station Back Office
  • Home Office
  • Magazine Company
  • Music, Dance, Movie Studios
  • Night Club, Bars

Service Request Form

Send us your service request including phone number, little bit about your business, number of your employees and computers at your office.  we will response to your request within couple hours during business hours. Thanks