Always Keep Your Personal and Business Files Backup

Geeks Mobile is also specialize in data recovery, we continue to develop our skills and keep updated with the latest techniques and equipment through out training from our partner and vendor.

Losing data is never a choice, without backups data can be lost due accidental deletion, formatted drive, system crash, hard drive failure, virus attack, system re-installation, etc…

Our pledge is to successfully recover your data as safely and quickly as possible.

Geeks Mobile data recovery basic $149.99

We offer affordable data recovery for personal on Mac and Pc platform including RAID1 array and other media. Services starting $149.99 and up to $349.99. We do offer advance data recovery services, the procedure will be performed at our partner facility in California for personal and business please see advance data recovery services.

Data Loss Scenario

We can save your data! we can assessment your hard drive or media without tampering or further damage to your media.

  • Accidental deletion
  • Formatted hard drive or media
  • OS re-installed
  • Partition loss
  • Hard drive or media failure
  • unexpected power failure
  • water damaged
  • accidental dropped

Normal service turn around time 3-5 days, turn around time 2-3 days is possible, depends on the arrangement and how quickly we get access to your device(s).